Ligne de Soie, At Work. In Love. At Play. With Ease. A Luxury Line of Silk Loungewear for Every Life Occasion. Women's Silk Nightwear, Silk Loungewear, Silk Robes, Dressing Gowns, Silk Pyjamas, Luxury Resortwear and more Gift Ideas for Her, by Melissa Pelz.

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At work. In Love. At Play. With Ease. Ligne de Soie is a luxury line of silk loungewear for every life occasion. We offer versatile boutique collection silk kimono robes, silk nightwear, pyjamas and daytime loungewear with simple, elegant designs and a timeless, but modern feminine appeal. These limited edition silk loungewear pieces all come elegantly wrapped, making them the perfect treat of gift for yourself or as an anniversary gift, birthday gift, bridal gift, wedding shower gift, or for any other occasion that you want to gift something unique for that special woman in your life. THE START... Ligne de Soie started when founder Melissa Pelz scoured the globe trying to find the "perfect silk robe" for her own wardrobe! Finding everything on the market uninteresting, unfeminine, or overly expensive, she set out to design the perfect silk robe for herself. I wanted something that was of the highest quality, feminine, flattering, and functional and that I could take with me on my constant travels. The result was such a perfect silk robe that after endless requests, she eventually turned her hobby into Ligne de Soie and launched her signature product - the first authentic silk kimono robe - a fusion of the glamorous style of old Hollywood and the traditional look of the Asian silk kimono with a functional modern design. Aside from the soft, sensual silk fused with vibrant color palettes and patterns, the covered button pin-up sleeves, double button closure, discreet pockets, hanging neck loop, stylish wrap around sash, and silk travel pouch of the single and double layer silk kimono robes provide functionality that will give any woman wearing Ligne de Soie an elegant yet effortless style both at home and on the go. Since the original silk robe Melissa has now expanded the line to include charmeuse and crepe de chine silk camisole and silk shorts for the perfect silk playsuit, a flattering bias cut silk nightgown, chiffon silk pyjama sets with a flattering v-neck cut, fitting capri pants, a chiffon and light silk babydoll chemise, and, of course, the signature silk kimono robs in double and single layer versions, all of which are ideally suited as high quality silk nightwear, sleepwear or daytime loungewear . Melissa is constantly on the look out to find the most sensual, high quality silk at reasonable prices and is dedicated to creating simple, elegant and versatile styles for all women who crave luxurious silk loungewear. Whether lounging in the lighter single-layered robe on a soft summer afternoon while sipping a chilled drink and inhaling the breezy ocean air or curling up in the warmer double-layered silk robe by a cozy evening fire, Ligne de Soie will bring you endless hours of enjoyment.


Silk is Beneficial to Your Skin. It provides natural proteins that are biologically consistent with the skin, counter the effects of aging, and help calm the nervous system, while energizing muscle tissue and nerve endings, helping to repair brittle hair and tired skin cells. Silk is Non-Pollutant and Ecological. The making of silk is a natural process made by unraveling the cocoons spun by silkworms and not factory made like polyester which is also treated with harsh chemicals. Silk is Allergy Friendly. The natural fibers in silk are biologically consistent with human skin, resulting in minimum friction and a smooth and gentle surface, making it a must for allergy sufferers, especially those with eczema. Silk is Durable. High quality silk will last for many years as long as cared for properly. Because silk naturally repels dirt and odors, it does not need consistent laundering and can last upwards of 20 years Silk Protects from the Sun. The tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can absorb ultraviolet radiation, making silk a good protectant of your skin in the sun Silk Looks Good! For thousands of years, silk has been making men and women alike look and feel good about themselves. Wearing it gives you the perfect quick mental boost. So go ahead and treat yourself to douse of its luxurious texture!

Beyond Silk

Above and beyond providing the highest quality silk products, Ligne de Soie aims to celebrate the beautiful, natural, and enriching life of a woman. “Beyond Silk” is Ligne de Soie’s recognition that all women - not just those who can afford it - should be able to experience the joy of a healthy, active, and fulfilling life doused with a splash of luxury. We recognize that this goal can be met in varying ways throughout the world, depending on women’s needs. Ligne de Soie has therefore committed to supporting certain female charities around the world. Please visit our facebook page to keep up to date with Ligne de Soie's latest charitable activities. Some charities include: Central Asia Institute Women for Women UK Washing DC Humane Society Fashion for Paws Junior League of San Francisco Treat yourself, your friends, your girlfriends, your spouses or family to a splash of luxury and contribute to the celebration of women’s lives around the world!